Staff survey - what’s the future for flood and coastal management in England?

Closes 26 Jan 2018

Section 1. What do we want to achieve in the future for flooding and coastal management?

We want to be clear on our purpose―what outcome we should aim for, what is the change we want to see and what outputs should we produce? 

1.1. What should this work achieve?

The FCERM partners at the November workshop developed these initial thoughts about what this work should achieve:

We want to… break the status quo and enable positive change

In order to achieve…

  • safer and better places to live with reduced risk and consequence from flooding and coastal erosion
  • by adopting an integrated approach across not only FCERM but wider sectors of the UK affected by it…
  • because we understand, acknowledge and communicate risk so we have a collective understanding
  • …and adopt more effective ways of managing it


Does this cover the most important outcomes this work should achieve?

1.2. How far into the future should we be thinking in order to achieve these outcomes?

1.3. How should we work together?

The FCERM partners at the November workshop also discussed how we should work together to develop the future direction of FCERM. Their initial thoughts were that we should work together in a way which: 

  • is open, allows all ideas to be heard and everyone involved
  • draws in all talents and sectors (in and outside this group)
  • is honest about the challenges
  • we all trust each other to find solutions
  • respecting all views whilst reaching the ‘right’ (fair, sustainable, good, robust) decisions for the country
  • enables our voice to be heard and influences others
  • takes ground truths – national / local – across the country, to understand the real situation


Do you agree?

1.4. What would you change and / or add?