Practical approaches to the transfer and decommissioning of flood risk management assets

Closed 12 Apr 2018

Opened 7 Mar 2018


The Environment Agency is developing a practical guide for operators who are planning to transfer or decommission flood and coastal erosion risk management assets.
We are looking for experience and views in this field to inform our thinking, identify case studies, and make sure that the guide is useful to those who have to carry out these tasks.
Please answer the questions as best as you can, ignoring any that are not relevant to you.
At the end of the survey we have some questions about getting involved further in this project.
If you would like to discuss the purpose or context of the guide before completing this survey please contact Alan Frampton at Jacobs, who is the project manager for the consultants leading this project on behalf of the Environment Agency. 


What Happens Next




  • Recreational and commercial river users
  • Fishing clubs and representative associations
  • Members of the public with an interest in the river, the species and conservation
  • Businesses
  • Statutory organisations
  • NGOs
  • Members of the public
  • Local councils
  • All water abstractors
  • Environment Agency customers


  • Flood management
  • Coastal management