Standard rules consultation no.15: unintentional receipt of radioactive materials and radioactive waste

Closed 1 Dec 2017

Opened 11 Sep 2017

Published Responses

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We are proposing a new standard rules environmental permit and would like your views.

It will cover the accumulation and disposal of radioactive materials and radioactive waste and apply to operators of metal recycling facilities or any other facility which operates a radiation detection system and which may, inadvertently, receive radioactive materials and radioactive waste. The rules will also apply to the use of radiation detection systems by the UK Border Force.

The new standard rule set is an alternative to bespoke permitting and will provide a more efficient and cheaper way of permitting whilst maintaining an appropriate level of environmental control.

Once we have considered all the consultation responses, and made any changes, we plan to publish the standard rules and risk assessment before the end of January 2018.

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Why We Are Consulting

We are asking for your comments on the proposed new standard rule set and the associated risk assessment. We are also carrying out an assessment of the financial impacts of this proposal and would like your help to determine the impacts and inform our decision making.


  • Metal recycling trade associations and site operators
  • Operators of sites handling non-radioactive wastes
  • UK Border Force


  • Waste
  • Environmental permitting