Sellafield RSR EPR Permit Variation

Closed 14 Jul 2017

Opened 16 Jun 2017


Sellafield Limited has applied to us to vary its permit for the Calder Landfill Extension Segregated Area (CLESA) site landfill. 

The permit variation application covers several issues relating to changes to the permitted waste types and activity limits. The application is being made to facilitate the disposal of decommissioning waste from the site.

Sellafield Limited has also applied to us to change other parts of its permit. The changes requested are:

  • Removal of the permitted limits of the Active Handling Facility stack.
  • Removal of limits for redundant stacks from Magnox reprocessing and Magnox Cell Vent as these major aerial discharges are now diverted to another permitted stack on the site.

Please note that the related documents in the section below are large files. If you have any problems viewing these, please contact us.


Why We Are Consulting

We consider the permit variation application to be a minor increase in site disposal limits. However, we are carrying out a consultation on this permit variation application in order take into account comments from the public and stakeholders.

What Happens Next

We will address any responses raised during the consultation in the final decision document, we won’t however be responding to individual comments.


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